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What’s the Story? PS LB LP
You know the stories...or do you? Students will love seeing their favorite tales and characters in a brand-new way!
Library bound. 24–32 pp. each. Gr. PreK–3.
Each library-bound book $27.99 Set of all 12 titles $335.88
The Other Side of the Fable
677395 The Ants and the Grasshopper, Narrated by the Fanciful But Truthful Grasshopper
677396 The Boy Who Cried Wolf, Narrated by the Sheepish But Truthful Wolf
677397 The Lion and the Mouse, Narrated by the Timid But Truthful Mouse
677398 The Tortoise and the Hare, Narrated by the Silly But Truthful Tortoise
The Other Side of the Story
677393 For Real, I Paraded in My Underpants!: The Story of the
Emperor’s New Clothes as Told by the Emperor 677380 Honestly, Our Music Stole the Show!: The Story of the
Bremen Town Musicians as Told by the Donkey 677394 Listen, My Bridge is SO COOL!: The Story of the
Three Billy Goats Gruff as Told by the Troll
677381 Truthfully, Something Smelled Fishy!: The Story of the
Fisherman and His Wife as Told by the Wife
STEM-Twisted Fairy Tales
677406 Keep It Simple, Rapunzel!: The Fairy-Tale Physics of
Simple Machines
677407 Move On Up That Beanstalk, Jack!: The Fairy-Tale
Physics of Forces and Motion
677409 What’s the Matter with the Three Little Pigs?: The
Fairy-Tale Physics of Matter
677408 What’s That Sound, Cinderella?: The Fairy-Tale
Physics of Sound 833503 What’s the Story? Set
There Was an Old Lady PS LB LP EXCLUSIVE by Lucille Colandro; illustrated by Jared Lee
Kids will laugh out loud as their favorite old lady swallows a host of themed items and delivers a special surprise. Library bound.
32 pp. each. Gr. PreK–3.
Each library-bound book $22.99 Set of all 12 titles $275.88
There Was an Old Lady Who...
548178 Swallowed a Bat! 548179 Swallowed a Bell! 548185 Swallowed a Chick! 548175 Swallowed a Clover! 820653 Swallowed a Fly!
820651 Swallowed a Frog! 562259 Swallowed a Rose! 548182 Swallowed a Shell! 548186 Swallowed Some Books! 548176 Swallowed Some Leaves! 548177 Swallowed Some Snow! 820650 Swallowed a Turkey!
821050 There Was an Old Lady Set
Scary Tales Retold LB LP
Brave readers will love these spooky retellings of their favorite fairy tales! Library bound. 24 pp. each. Gr. K–3.
Each library-bound book $23.99 Set of all eight titles $191.92
677411 Cinderella and the Vampire Prince 677412 Goldilocks and the Three Ghosts 677413 Hansel and Gretel and the Haunted Hut 677414 Jack and the Bloody Beanstalk 677416 The Princess and the Poison Pea 677417 Rapunzel and the Werewolf
677415 Snow White and the Seven Trolls 677418 Ten Missing Princesses
831649 Scary Tales Retold Set
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