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 READ WITH PETE! FAVORITE CHARACTERS      HARDCOVER $18.99 #393676 $10.99 #395298 $4.99 #394683 Get creative with this cute diary including puff ribbon bookmark and lock with keys! ONLY AT SCHOLASTIC $12.99 #398199 This cool diary has a squishy attached to the cover and lock with keys! ONLY AT SCHOLASTIC $12.99 #398200 Lock & Key Diaries     Water pen reveals hidden pictures!                   $6.99 #392155 GREAT READ-ALOUDS EXCLUSIVE PAPERBACK $4.99 $5.99 #392962 ON SALE 2/2/21      EXCLUSIVE PAPERBACK $5.99 #386852 EXCLUSIVE PAPERBACK $5.99 #396533 #396007    HARDCOVER $17.99 #394579 Can a laidback potato discover how to balance the comfort of his cushy couch with fresh air and sunshine? HARDCOVER $18.99 #398491 Me gam inc  EVERY PURCHASE BENEFITS OUR SCHOOL – HELP U  S Aw om St e t i t d a ee te el od a o We t “ “W e h o be the first ones there!” Ricky shouts. o l A y s y ! h a ! H we s me is visiting the adventure park in Wheelford He av ei e e v t s o s Ricky’s favorite superhero. “It’ll be awesome . . . Steel Awesome!” Ricky adds. Ricky Zoom © Frog Box & Entertainment One UK Limited 2020 Use your water pen to reveal one of Steel’s tricks! w s w h F il F se p e p t e re l al a t it e i g ha e he w s w i i l e a ll p n d na to t at ’ m s s n un d r u ! h t h i t ’ s u u up or v e de th e p e s n u n d i mi s n r t y r yo v e p o t o u us e o s ts ! si g i n r     e l   S Artwork © 2021 by Ross Burach Illustration by Michael Robertson, © 2021 Scholastic Inc. Art © 2020 by Pete Oswald Illustration copyright © 2021 by Jared D. Lee Studios. 

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