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 GRAPHIC NOVELS Diary of a Pug, Unicorn Diaries, and more at your Fair! $1099 each Squishy Included! Real Shark Teeth Included! meets a fancy urse! Can Maggie find the perfect pet – one that doesn’t make her break out into hives? $12.99 #397909 Jen must deal with getting a new family and finding out how she fits in when she suddenly moves to the farm. $12.99 #396098 $12.99 #397916 $12.99 ONLY AT SCHOLASTIC $10.99 AS SEEN ON W hen Nubby the boxer was born, there was something different about him. That’s because Nubby was born without his two front legs. He was so small and sick that the humans who rescued him weren’t sure he would make it. But after a little while, Nubby started to get better. Soon, he was well enough to try to walk. But without his front legs, Nubby’s family knew their one-of-a-kind pup would need a little extra help getting around. This inspiring true story teaches us that with a little love, some creativity, and a lot of hard work, special animals like Nubby can overcome any obstacle! CHAPTER BOOKS #396274 $5.99 #398270 S RAISE MONEY FOR BOOKS & SCHOOL RESOURCES! Art © by Terri Libenson. Copyright © 2020, Inc., A Group Nine Media Company. THE DODO is a registered trademark of, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Cover design by Veronica Mang $9.99 #393146 by Aubre Andrus The true story of how one special dog beat the odds. $6.99 #390637 DID YOU KNOW? Discover an underwater world of sea bunnies and their sea slug buddies! ONLY AT SCHOLASTIC $8.99 #395411 Text copyright © 2021 by Tui T. Sutherland. Art by Mike Holmes © 2021 by Scholastic Inc. #390418 Main logo Small use ANDRUS $6.99 US/$8.99 CAN The true story of how one special dog beat the odds $6.99 #398223 

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