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Blasto ! Readers PS LB LP
These readers have engaging photographs and exciting text that will support and encourage your students’ interest in STEM topics. Each volume includes a table of contents, a glossary, and more. Library bound. 24 pp. each. Gr. PreK–3. ©2019.
Each library-bound book $26.00
Coding Is Everywhere
676204 Coding in Computers
676205 Coding in the Internet
676206 Coding in Transportation
676207 Coding in Video Games
676208 Coding in Your Home
676209 Coding in Your School
830603 Blastoff! Readers:
Coding Is Everywhere Set
Everyday Engineering
676210 Bridges
676211 676212 676219 676220 676221
Dams Highways Roller Coasters Skyscrapers Stadiums
Blastoff! Readers: Everyday Engineering Set $156.00
Science Starters
676238 Electricity
676239 676240 676241 676242 676243 676244 676245
Energy Gravity
Light Magnetism Matter Sound Temperature
Blastoff! Readers: Science Starters Set $208.00
DisneyCodingAdventures LB LP
Disney characters make coding accessible and fun for beginners—no device required! Simple projects teach basics like looping, identifying bugs, and more. Each volume includes full-color illustrations, an index, and a table of contents. Library bound. 32 pp. each. Gr. 1–3. ©2019.
Each library-bound book $29.32 Set of all four titles $117.28
679630 Algorithms with Frozen
679631 Bugs and Errors with Wreck-It Ralph 679632 Conditionals with Incredibles 2 679633 Looping with Finding Dory
833333 Disney Coding Adventures Set
Generation Code MS LB LP
Dive into the world of coding! Kids will learn appropriate terminology and the basics of creating code in a variety of programs through step- by-step instructions and full-color illustrations. Each volume includes sidebars, fact boxes, and more. Library bound. 32 pp. each.
Gr. 5–up. ©2018.
Each library-bound book $27.60 Set of all six titles $165.60
679880 679879
679881 679877 679876 679878
I’m a JavaScript Games Maker: Advanced Coding
I’m a JavaScript Games Maker: The Basics
I’m a Python Programmer
I’m a Scratch Coder
I’m an App Developer
I’m an HTML Web Page Builder
Generation Code Set
Projects for beginners and advanced coders!

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