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Animal Kingdom Origami LB LP
Full-color photographs, step-by-step instructions, and engaging science content teach kids about animal classi cation through origami! Each library-bound book includes a glossary, an index, and more. Library bound. 32 pp. each. Gr. 3–5. ©2018.
Each library-bound book $27.50 Set of all six titles $165.00
679842 Make Origami Amphibians 679843 Make Origami Birds
679844 Make Origami Fish
679845 Make Origami Insects and Spiders 679846 Make Origami Mammals
679847 Make Origami Reptiles 833270 Animal Kingdom Origami Set
DabbleLab MS LB LP
Kids who love to build, create, and experiment will love DabbleLab books! Hands-on projects make STEM topics accessible for students of all ability levels, and bonus online content extends
the learning experience. Each volume includes step-by-step instructions, a table of contents, and more. Library bound.
48 pp. each. ©2018–2019.
Reading level: Gr. 3–4 • Interest level: Gr. 3–9 Each library-bound book $27.32–$31.99
Junior Makers
679819 3D Pen Projects for Beginners 679820 Building Projects for Beginners 679824 Coding in Scratch for Beginners 679821 Electronics Projects for Beginners
833267 Junior Makers Set $109.28
Take Making to the Next Level
679822 Chemistry Projects to Build On 679817 Electronics Projects to Build On 679818 Engineering Projects to Build On 679823 Motion Projects to Build On
833266 Take Making to the Next Level Set $127.96
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Cool Makerspace MS LB LP
Detailed instructions and full-color photographs guide young makers through a variety of fun projects! Each volume includes safety information, materials and tools lists, a glossary, and more.
Library bound. 32 pp. each. ©2018.
Reading level: Gr. 3 • Interest level: Gr. 3–7 Each library-bound book $28.50
Each set of six titles $171.00
Gadgets & Gizmos
679809 Code It!: Programming and Keyboards You Can Create Yourself
679807 Connect It!: Circuits You Can Squish, Bend, and Twist
679810 Construct It!: Architecture You Can Build, Break, and Build Again
679805 Light It!: Creations That Glow, Shine, and Blink
679806 Move It!: Projects You Can Drive, Fly, and Roll
679808 Robotify It!: Robots You Can Make Yourself
833335 Gadgets & Gizmos Set
Make It Yourself!
679811 Bots & Circuits
679812 Collages & Sculptures 679815 Coloring & Doodling 679814 Comics & Graphic Novels 679813 From Junk to Jewelry 679816 Paper Pop-Up Art
833337 Make It Yourself! Set

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