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Multimedia content for core curriculum topics!
Scholastic GO!
Scholastic GO! has been providing the most reliable articles and resources on core curriculum content for more than 10 years. Students, teachers, and librarians have relied on this resource to support research projects, homework help, lesson plan development, and more. Contact your sales consultant for information regarding a free trial! Gr. 2–up.
Features of your subscription include:
• Unlimited access for every student, at school and at home,
on computers, tablets, or phones for one year
• 115,000 expertly written articles
• 80,000 curated and vetted websites
• Hundreds of videos
• Fact boxes, interactive maps, photo captions, and other text features
• Career sidebars highlight hundreds of professions
• Lesson plans and educator resources
• Curriculum correlations
667825 $1838.00
of teachers report spending 2–5 hours per week searching for digital lesson plans.
of students have no idea how to locate the articles and resources they need for their research.
of students don’t verify
the accuracy or reliability of the information they  nd.
Source: New Jersey Association of School Libraries (NJASL). The New Jersey Study of School Libraries. Center for International Scholarship in School Libraries (CISSL), 2011. American Library Association.

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