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BranchesTM LB LP
Scholastic’s line of early chapter books  lls the gap between leveled readers and traditional chapter books! These character-driven stories will appeal to kids, and illustrations on every page provide visual support and facilitate reading comprehension. You can access a downloadable classroom guide, bursting with extension activities, writing prompts, and more on our website! Library bound. 80–96 pp. each. Gr. K–3.
Each library-bound book $15.99
830041 Branches Set $719.55 (Available November 16, 2018)
Dragon Masters
by Tracey West
591394 Flight of the Moon Dragon 804289 Search for the Lightning Dragon 804293 Roar of the Thunder Dragon 816987 Chill of the Ice Dragon
816990 Waking the Rainbow Dragon 826366 Shine of the Silver Dragon
The Notebook of Doom
by Troy Cummings
586498 Rumble of the Coaster Ghost 586500 Snap of the Super Goop 803449 Sneeze of the Octo-Schnozz 803453 March of the Vanderpants 803457 Battle of the Boss-Monster
Owl Diaries
by Rebecca Elliott
568363 Eva’s Treetop Festival 578784 Eva Sees a Ghost 582558 A Woodland Wedding 582560 Eva and the New Owl 804281 Warm Hearts Day 804285 Baxter is Missing 816301 The Wildwood Bakery 816304 Eva and the Lost Pony 816307 Eva’s Big Sleepover
Press Start!
by Thomas Flintham
803472 Game Over, Super Rabbit Boy!
803474 Super Rabbit Boy Powers Up!
803479 Super Rabbit Racers!
803476 Super Rabbit Boy vs Super Rabbit Boss! 823970 Super Rabbit Boy Blasts Off!
Time Jumpers
by Wendy Mass;
illustrated by Oriol Vidal 821737 Stealing the Sword 821740 Escape From Egypt
(Available November 15, 2018)
(Available October 1, 2018)
Eerie Elementary
by Jack Chabert
©Troy Cummings
562393 562396 587353 587369 587374 587379 818183 818191 818198
The School is Alive!
The Locker Ate Lucy! Recess is a Jungle!
The Science Fair is Freaky! School Freezes Over!
Sam Battles the Machine! Classes are Canceled!
The Hall Monitors are Fired! The Art Show Attacks! (Available October 15, 2018)
©Rebecca Elliott
The Last Firehawk
by Katrina Charman; illustrated by Jeremy Norton 812230 The Ember Stone 812252 The Crystal Caverns 812257 The Whispering Oak 812271 Lullaby Lake
The Magic School BusTM: Rides Again
by Judy Katschke
823214 Sink or Swim
823213 Monster Power
823212 Carlos Gets the Sneezes 826429 Space Mission: Sel e 829080 Attack of the Plants
Early chapter books!

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