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Grenade MS LP
by Alan Gratz
Two boys on opposite sides of World War II  nd themselves face-to-face on the battle eld. Hardcover. 288 pp. Gr. 6–up. Available October 9, 2018.
824569 $16.99
Also available:
545901 Prisoner B-3087 588016 Projekt 1065 588083 Refugee
The War Below MS LP
by Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch
Luka has managed to escape from the Nazis, but he was forced to leave his best friend behind. Will he ever see Lida again? Hardcover. 256 pp. Gr. 5–up. 823302 $17.99
Also available:
593191 Making Bombs for Hitler
Code Word Courage MS LP by Kirby Larson
A bond with an injured stray dog helps Billie cope with the absence of her brother, who is  ghting in World War II. Hardcover. 256 pp. Gr. 4–7.
584075 $16.99
Resistance MS LP
by Jennifer A. Nielsen
Chaya becomes a courier for the Jewish resistance, traveling between ghettos, smuggling food, papers...and people. Hardcover. 400 pp. Gr. 5–up.
814847 $17.99
Where She Fell MS LP
by Kaitlin Ward
Eliza falls into a sinkhole and  nds herself wandering a series of underground tunnels. Will she ever  nd her way to the surface? Hardcover. 272 pp. Gr. 6–up. Available October 30, 2018.
823007 $17.99
Also available:
810105 Girl in a Bad Place
The Girl In the Locked Room: A Ghost Story MS LP
by Mary Downing Hahn
Read the spine-tingling story of an imprisoned girl, the events that put her in prison, and a friendship that crosses the boundaries of time! Hardcover. 192 pp. Gr. 5–7. Available September 4, 2018. 677264 $16.99
CityofGhosts MS LP
by Victoria Schwab
When her parents start hosting a TV show about the world’s most haunted places, Cass may be forced to reveal her darkest secrets: she can enter the world of spirits. And her best friend is a ghost. Hardcover. 304 pp. Gr. 4–7.
811100 $17.99
Impostors MS LP
by Scott Westerfeld
A new story set in the world of the best- selling Uglies series! Hardcover.
432 pp. Gr. 6–up. Available
September 11, 2018.
815151 $18.99
That’s Not What Happened MS LP
by Kody Keplinger
In the aftermath of a school shooting, one girl has to decide whether or not to tell the truth about how her best friend died. Hardcover. 336 pp. Gr. 6–up.
818652 $18.99
Must-have titles for middle school readers!

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