Page 89 - Scholastic Dollars 2018-2019 Catalog
P. 89

Treasure Chest
Includes more than 75 quality incentives, like ballpoint pens, erasers, bookmarks, and more! 574648 Treasure Chest +
Incentives $109.99 574647 Incentives only $99.99
Includes three color tip options for personalization! Colors will vary. 667607 $3.99
Gummy Bear Light-Up Pens Pack
Pack includes 16 Light-Up Pens, four each of four designs. Each Light-Up Pen contains three AG 1.5V batteries. Not replaceable.
676511 $49.99
Stress-Away Putty Pack
Melt the day’s stress away! Includes 12 plastic containers in assorted colors, each containing 1.75 oz. of putty. Not edible.
677582 $29.99
UV Pens Pack
Pack contains 12 UV pens. Colors may vary. 676510 $35.88
Scholastic Book Fairs®
3D Machines Erasers Pack
Pack contains 24 deluxe puzzle erasers, six each of four designs. 669125 $20.99
Animal Erasers Packs EXCLUSIVE Interchangeable parts make these adorable erasers great collectibles and incentives! Each pack contains 72 erasers, packaged in sets of two. Contains small parts. $29.99 each. 676509 Ocean Creatures
676568 Snow Animals
Cupcake Sharpeners/Erasers Pack EXCLUSIVE Pack includes 12 scented sharper/eraser combos, four each of three designs.
676492 $19.99

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