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         BASED ON TRUE EVENTS POSTERS   GRADES 4 & UP         SPECIAL-PRICE HARDCOVER $10.99 ONLY AT SCHOLASTIC $7.99 #399275 World War II may be over. But two sisters are far from safe. $7.99 #399279 $5.99 #399259 Designs may vary. #397811 ONLY AT SCHOLASTIC    THRILLS & CHILLS  INSPIRING TALES    When their school is vandalized, students fight back with a project to bring people together rather than drive them apart. SPECIAL-PRICE HARDCOVER $10.99 #399033 GRADES 4 & UP Lily's new house is a real nightmare and something wants to come out and play! EXCLUSIVE PAPERBACK $7.99 #400554    $7.99 #399052 EXCLUSIVE PAPERBACK $7.99 A boy gets caught up in the world of underground dragon battles and a gang war that could tear his family apart. EXCLUSIVE PAPERBACK $7.99 #399667    #398204   Inspiring true animal stories from The Dodo Ask your Parents to find our school at • Set up an eWallet, a safe and secure cash alternative! • Shop from over 5,000 items online and experience the Virtual Book Fair! All purchases benefit our school. Many more to choose from! Books vary by Fair. BOOKS ON THIS FLYER ARE AVAILABLE WHILE SUPPLIES LAST. Booklist effective August 9, 2021 - October 31, 2021 ©2021 Scholastic Inc. All rights reserved. 2181850 F21 ElemC Great books! Great prices!            $400 & UP $200 each $475 each 

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