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STEM Scientists and Inventors LB LP
Learn about the lives and incredible careers of some of history’s greatest inventors and scientists! Each volume includes a pronunciation guide, sidebars, writing prompts, and more. Library bound.
24 pp. each. Gr. 1–3. ©2018.
Each library-bound book $25.32 Set of all six titles $151.92
677993 Benjamin Banneker: Self-Educated Scientist 677994 George Washington Carver: Botanist and Inventor 677995 Johannes Gutenberg: Inventor and Craftsman 677996 Madam C.J. Walker: Inventor and Businesswoman 677997 Marie Curie: Physicist and Chemist
678010 Thomas Edison: Physicist and Inventor
832069 STEM Scientists and Inventors Set
Illustrated Biographies LB LP
Before they were famous leaders, these exceptional people were regular kids! These stories are sure to inspire the future activists, politicians, and sports stars in your classroom. Each volume includes discussion questions. Library bound. 32 pp. each. Gr. 1–4. ©2017–2019.
Each library-bound book $28.65 Set of all seven titles $200.55
678000 When Amelia Earhart Built a Roller Coaster
677998 When Bill Gates Memorized an Encyclopedia
678001 When Martin Luther King, Jr. Wore Roller Skates 678002 When Neil Armstrong Built a Wind Tunnel
677999 When Ruth Bader Ginsburg Chewed 100 Sticks of Gum 678003 When Walt Disney Rode a Pig
678004 When Wilma Rudolph Played Basketball 832124 Illustrated Biographies Set
American Girl®: A Girl Named... LB LP EXCLUSIVE These ordinary girls grew up to be extraordinary Americans! Learn about their childhoods, education, and accomplishments in a variety of  elds. Each volume includes full-color illustrations, timelines, a glossary, and more. Library bound. 48 pp. each. Gr. 1–4. ©2018–2019.
Each library-bound book $19.99 Set of all four titles $79.96
829461 A Girl Named Helen 829462 A Girl Named Hillary 829459 A Girl Named Misty 829460 A Girl Named Rosa
832303 American Girl: A Girl Named... Set
Lifetime guarantee on library-bound titles!
Who Is/Who Was... ? Pack*
11 Paperback Books Gr. 2–5 112 pp. each Who Is Derek Jeter? Who Is Jane Goodall? Who Is Pelé?
Who Was Albert Einstein?
Who Was Christopher Columbus? Who Was Dr. Seuss?
Who Was George Washington Carver? Who Was Marie Curie?
Who Was Princess Diana?
Who Was Rosa Parks?
Who Was Steve Irwin?
832049 $65.89
*Appropriate title substitutions may occur if the speci ed titles are not in stock.

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