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What Was/Where Is... ? Pack*
8 Paperback Books
112 pp. each. Gr. 2–5
What Was the Battle of Gettysburg? What Was the Gold Rush?
What Was the March on Washington? What Was the Titanic?
Where Is Alcatraz?
Where Is the Amazon?
Where Is the Great Barrier Reef? Where Is Walt Disney World?
832295 $47.92
*Title substitutions may occur if the speci ed titles are not in stock.
GeoSafari® Jr. Talking GlobeTM
This 12" teaching globe uses audio clues, lights, and music to help younger kids learn geography! Features easy- to-turn knob controls and a quiz game/interactive smart pen that plays audio of 1000+ facts. Gr. K–3.
678870 $129.99
If You Were a Kid LB LP
What was life like for kids during important times in American history? Find out through engaging text and full-color illustrations! Each volume includes timelines, maps, sidebars, a glossary, and more!
Library bound. 32 pp. each. Gr. 1–3. ©2017–2018.
Each library-bound book $26.00 Set of all 12 titles $312.00
ChronoQuest MS
Use augmented reality on your devices to explore the past! Students simply scan any part of the timeline posters to access pre-programmed interactive content. The content is updated regularly, spans the 16th–20th centuries, and focuses on seven content areas: humanities, literature, science, civics, political history, technology, and the arts. Educators can even create customized content for their classrooms! Each of the  ve posters measures 27" x 10". Requires a free app download. Compatible with AndroidTM and iOS devices. Gr. K–up. 678871 $129.00
659282 If You Were a Kid 659283 If You Were a Kid 670612 If You Were a Kid 662797 If You Were a Kid 662796 If You Were a Kid 652708 If You Were a Kid 670613 If You Were a Kid 659284 If You Were a Kid 652711 If You Were a Kid 670614 If You Were a Kid 670615 If You Were a Kid 662795 If You Were a Kid
832300 If You Were a Kid
Aboard the Titanic
at the First Thanksgiving
at the Iditarod
Discovering Dinosaurs
Docking at the International Space Station During the American Revolution
During the California Gold Rush
During the Civil Rights Movement
in the Thirteen Colonies
in the Wild West
on the May ower
Surviving a Hurricane
LB Library Bound LP Library Processing MS Middle School PS Preschool

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