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Daring Women MS LB LP
From  ghter pilots and explorers to inventors and activists, each woman featured in this series has left her mark on the world! Each volume includes fact boxes, primary sources, a glossary, and more. Library bound. 64 pp. each. Gr. 4–7. ©2019.
Each library-bound book $35.32 Set of all four titles $141.28
678005 25 Women Who Dared to Go 678007 25 Women Who Fought Back 678008 25 Women Who Ruled
678009 25 Women Who Thought of It First
831981 Daring Women Set
A Nation of Immigrants MS LB LP
Celebrate the contributions that immigrants from all over the world have made to our great country through science, entertainment, politics,
and more! Each volume includes full-color photographs, an index,
and more. Access to free ebooks and a dedicated website extend the learning experience! Library bound. 32 pp. each. Gr. 3–7. ©2019.
Each library-bound book $31.35 Set of all eight titles $250.80
Food Dudes II LB LP
Unwrap the facts behind the development and creation of some of America’s tastiest brands with this unique series! Readers will explore the featured innovator’s childhood, education, and climb to the top of the food chain. Each volume includes a glossary, an index, graphics, and more. Library bound. 32 pp. each. Gr. 3–6. ©2015–2018.
Each library-bound book $27.07 Set of all ten titles $270.70
678022 Angie Bastian: BOOMCHICKAPOP Boss 634729 Caleb Davis Bradham: Pepsi-Cola Inventor 633947 Colonel Harland Sanders: KFC Creator 633948 Dave Thomas: Wendy’s Founder
678026 Debbie Fields: Mrs. Fields Founder
633946 John Pemberton: Coca-Cola Developer 678023 Marie Callender: Homemade Pie Maven 678024 Peggy Cherng: Panda Express Empress 678031 Rose Totino: Pizza Entrepreneur
678025 Ruth Fertel: Ruth’s Chris Steak House Creator
831979 Food Dudes II Set
First in Fashion LB LP
Learn about the childhood, career, and legacy of the creators of some of fashion’s most recognizable and enduring clothing and accessories. Each volume includes full-color photographs, timelines, sidebars, and more. Library bound. 32 pp. each. Gr. 3–6. ©2018.
Each library-bound book $27.07 Set of all six titles $162.42
678021 Chuck Taylor: Sneaker Sensation 678011 Eddie Bauer: Down Jacket Developer 678015 Levi Strauss: Blue Jean Genius 678014 Louis Réard: Bikini Designer
678013 Mary Quant: Miniskirt Maker
678012 Sam Foster: Sunglasses Success
831874 First in Fashion Set
678046 12 Immigrants Who 678047 12 Immigrants Who 678049 12 Immigrants Who 678054 12 Immigrants Who 678050 12 Immigrants Who 678051 12 Immigrants Who 678052 12 Immigrants Who 678053 12 Immigrants Who
Made American Arts Great
Made American Entertainment Great Made American Medicine Great Made the American Military Great Made American Politics Great
Made American Science Great Made American Sports Great
Made American Technology Great
831980 A Nation of Immigrants Set
LB Library Bound LP Library Processing MS Middle School PS Preschool

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