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Reading is the most
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a child can learn.
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Becoming a good reader takes practice, and our Book Fair is the perfect place for children to find and choose the books they want to read. Please support our Book Fair! View this short video to see how your involvement will make a difference.
Visit bookfairs/family and scroll to Parent Message video.
more books! Visit
• Find reading, age, and grade levels • Create and share wish lists
• Shop the Online Fair*
Use the Book Fairs app to scan books with this symbol!
Watch book trailers!
*Online shopping available at participating schools
Lexile Level Key
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Scholastic Book Fair Wish List
I’d like my child to purchase items at the Scholastic Book Fair to help support our school.
oI am enclosing $____________ in cash.
oI am enclosing a check for $____________.
If your school accepts checks at Book Fairs, make check payable to your child’s school.
Parent’s Signature Student
Below are items my child wishes to buy from this booklist:
Book Title
o If my  rst choices are not available, I give my child permission to choose alternate selections.
Booklist effective October 29, 2018 – January 10, 2019
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To locate book, look for these symbols on book cases at your Fair!

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