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Middle Grade Fiction
Bailey's Story:
A Dog's Purpose Novel
by W. Bruce Cameron
Every dog has a purpose, and Bailey learns that there can be no greater purpose than to protect the boy he loves. 5
Zoe in Wonderland
by Brenda Woods
by Garth Nix
Making Bombs for Hitler
by Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch
When assigned to make bombs for the German army, Lida and her friends decide to  ght back.
Exclusive Paperback
#367943 LEX: 760L
Sera na and
the Twisted Staff
by Robert Beatty
Sera na faces a dark evil whose reach is far greater than she’s ever imagined!
Exclusive Paperback $ 99 #369772 LEX: 720L
Exclusive Paperback $499 #369774 LEX: 710L
Exclusive Paperback $699 #368423
Exclusive Paperback $699 #369581
Zoe worries her real life will never be as exciting as her imaginary one.
Anya can break the frog curse — but there are waaay too many frogs and not enough magic lip balm. It's time to pucker up!
Cool Stuff
Dinosaur Battle
Dinosaurs come to life using your tablet or smart- phone. Download the app, pick your predator, and let the battle begin!
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The Ender Eye Prophecy: An Unof cial Graphic Novel for Minecrafters by Cara J. Stevens, illustrated by David & Elias Norgren
Marvel Tsum Tsum Takeover!
by Jacob Chaboy, illustrated by David Baldeon These pint-sized piles of
$ 99 8
fur pack a powerful punch. This graphic novel is truly Tsum-thing you won't want to miss!
Special Price $899 #369510
Go Gaming!
The Legendary World
of Zelda: The Ultimate Unof cial Guide
Everything you need to know about the game and your favorite Hyrule characters.
Only at Scholastic
Best & Buzzworthy 2017
Incredible world records, celebrity sensations, and popular crazes that have the whole world buzzing!
Explore the world of mobile gaming with this essential guide.
$ 99 9
#363158 $ 99 8
Is Phoenix the girl of the prophecy? And can Xander save her in time? 9
Special Price $ 99 #369890
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