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Lucky in Love
When Maddie wins the lottery, everyone starts treating her differently.
It seems like her coworker Seth is the only person
she can trust.$899
Exclusive Paperback
What Light
Can Sierra see beyond Caleb’s dark past and discover how incredible he really is?
Special Price
#372356 LEX:HL690L
From the author of Thirteen Reasons Why
Don’t Cosplay
with My Heart
Edan must win a cosplay competition. The prize? A walk-on part in a movie based on her favorite comics!
Only at Scholastic
$ 99 8
Jensen’s playing the middle school game one level at a time. But what happens when someone cranks up the difficulty?
#373544 $1100 Graphic
$ 99 7
Girl in a Bad Place
Cara thinks the Haven
is a peaceful, organic, unplugged mountain community. But Mailee thinks it’s a cult. Can she help Cara escape?$899
Exclusive Paperback

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