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SERIES Star Wars® Jedi
The guy who never cared about anything is now at the center of everything!
$599 Price
#370750 LEX:710L
Academy: The
Force Oversleeps
Victor will have to trust the Force and his friends if he’s going to survive!$699
Exclusive Paperback
The Last Kids on
Earth and the
Nightmare King
Life after the zombie apocalypse is great
except for one problem:
an ancient evil is hunting Jack and his friends!$899
Exclusive Value- Priced Hardcover
Glass Sword
The struggle gets worse between the rebel army and the blood-divided world in this sequel to Red Queen.
Exclusive $999 Paperback
#371413 LEX:HL770L
The Legend of
ZeldaTM: Twilight
Princess, Vol. 2
Link’s quest to save Princess Zelda! 9 #373125 $ 99
Available 9/11/17

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